Payroll Reimagined: Elevating The New Normal Business Framework

Gone are the days of manual paperwork and spreadsheets. Adapt to the cutting-edge payroll software reenvisioned for the new normal business.


Flexible Payroll Software meets Incredible Comfort

Experience everything the digital way

Stay safe and avoid the hassle of going to the bank just to process payroll. Take advantage of digital transactions via online banking, e-wallets, and more.


Automated Payslips

Employees can easily access their payroll slip on mobile or desktop.

Automated Government Benefit Generation ( SSS, Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth)

Compute employee benefits based on the latest PH Gov't policy and track loan payment with ease.

Time and Attendance

Access and keep track of time and attendance in real-time.

Leave Management

Employees can easily track the number of leave credits.

Shift Manager

Employees are quickly notified of a change of schedule anytime they are needed to work on specific projects.

Digital Transactions

Automatically generate bank files with ease. Need full-integration? Let's discuss.


Government Forms

SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, BIR Forms, and other reports integrated for easy viewing to employees’ government benefits with comprehensive payroll software.

Automatic Tax Computations

Computations of Withholding Taxes and other Taxes integrated with a smart payroll solution made to grow with you.

Gross and Net Pay Calculations

Gross and net pay calculations made simple. Viewable by both employees and employers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Automatic Payroll Report Generation

Employees can easily access their payroll slip on mobile or desktop.

Built to process payroll for thousands of employees.

Learn More about SERVIO PayDay at its Core

Cloud-based Solution

SERVIO PayDay allows you and your employees to access the system anytime, anywhere so you can #StayAtHome when needed.

Secure Employee Access

Allow your employee to see their records and transactions for transparency.

Secure and Reliable

Uses SAS 70 type II and SSAE servers with SSL encrypted connection, ensuring strict confidentiality of record.

End-to-End Payroll Processing

Consolidate all your payroll data in one place for an automated end-to-end payroll processing that is compliant to key government agencies.

Document Generation

Want to keep your existing payslip, bank files, payroll summary, etc. in their original formats? Our compliance doesn't end with government forms, but extends to your internal requirements.


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Tough Times call for a Powerful Payroll Solution

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