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The COMPLETE HR & Payroll System

for Filipino Organizations


An all-in-one HR and Payroll Solution designed to help your company strive to the new world of working.

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Are you tired of lengthy and manual processes that cause you so much stress? Well, we are too! Don't worry!


Lemonade will keep things fresh and simple for you!

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Employee Records Management

Employee Engagement

Timekeeping & Leave Management

✓ Maintain and Update Employee 201 Records Securely

✓ Track and view all your employee's historical records

✓ Keep your employee engagement high with our messaging and video conferencing feature!

✓ Build your HR Helpdesk for better employee service

✓ Manage your employees shifts, and clock in & outs, wherever, whenever! 

✓ Request and Approve Leaves as easy as 1, 2, 3! 


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Flexible, customizable, and affordable.


A communication tool built in an HR & Payroll Solution. Ever heard of something like it? Now you have!

It's a challenging time to keep the employee engagement with the new world of work. LemonadeHR lets you take care of your processes AND people all in one place. Cool, right?

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Video Meetings

Intelligent Messaging

Group Calendar

Organize a meeting with a team member, colleague, with your team, or with your whole department made easy.

Connect and keep up the engagement with your employees and managers instantly through the messaging feature!

Set-up and schedule a 1:1, a team meeting, event, or training schedules using our Group Calendar for easy tracking of all company-wide events!


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Simple, powerful, and fresh HR & Payroll Solution for your business!


Grab a Lemonade today!

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